Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Caged is a RPG game written by me and my team* in our first year (2007) at the university. The game development was difficult as hell, and fun as hell as well. I learnt to design the architecture and lead a team, while teaching the team to code. One of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

CagedMenu CagedGame

The game is written C++, using SDL and TinyXML as only support libraries. We worked on the Dev-C++ IDE and SVN. It has 20+ game levels.


  • A scripting engine which feeds cut-scenes and dialogues from XML
  • A sound engine based of SDL_mixer
  • AI for the bots, with path finding, decision making and message system.
  • Core, with entity manager, event system, clocks and timers, log system, resource manager, FSM…
  • Physics with collision detection and some neat force driven steering behaviors.
  • Graphics. SDL isn't meant to be used as a Gfx engine, so the camera,  the GUI, and so on was also fun to make.
  • Integrated game editor, to make all the xml maps for the game.
  • Life-saver debug mode xD

CagedEditro CagedDebug

In the end, one year and 200k lines of code later, the game was completed. It won 2nd place in two different contests, “tu tambien puedes” and “CDV 2008”.

Just wanted to share my first game with the world :) Game SVN here and direct download here.


  • Jaime (Ying) Barrachina
  • Victor (CyanCrey) Villanueva
  • Maria (Chuel) Cabezuelo
  • Catalin (K_ta) Costin
  • David (Coper) Garcia

(You know who you are ;) )

  • Jusep
  • Alberto
  • Kiwi
  • Yuna (Script writer)
Special thanks
  • Javier (NeoM) Belenguer (Our life saver, really)
  • Wynter (Zerotri) Woods

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  1. I think I was lucky seeing how your teams was living during the development of this videogame, and... it was so funny hahaha
    Now it's my turn to suffer helping to develope ProyectX but sure it will be an amazing videogame.