Sunday, July 17, 2011

Baddies – 1.1 Introduction

This is the first of a series of articles documenting the creation of the Baddies project.

The Baddies project is a game idea I have been musing for quite a long time, and as I have found that an initial all-encompassing game architecture to be well beyond my means, I shall attempt to do it in an incremental fashion (tough following an initial architecture diagram), documenting each design decision whilst coding. What better way to do this than by blogging about it?

The Baddies game is a tactic based game, with heavy focus on the minions the player can control and some base building. The story of the game also plays a very important role in the final version.

It’s a game aimed for Xbox, windows and Windows Phone 7. For simplicity I shall focus first on the windows version and leave the other 2 for later on. I build on the XNA framework for the code of the game. I work on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 as my IDE, and with subversion as my backup version storage.

I will use this post as an index for the rest of articles in this series. The articles will only focus on the code side of this project tough. Any story or graphics news will have to wait till almost completion of the game.

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