Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baddies 1.3–Project distribution

Reflecting the new architecture explained in the previous article (Baddies 1.2 – Architecture), the whole project was divided in 4 MVS projects, though within a single solution.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a superb tool for this kind of things and as long as you don’t put recursive references of a project within a project, it gets the job done very easily.

The project structure ends up looking like this:

  • Core
  • Game
  • Editor
  • Content

The Content project holds the content files (graphics, audio, and so on) used by any of the other 3 projects, as the amount of non-shared assets in the whole solution is relatively small compared to the total amount of assets.
The references between all the projects are the logical ones, with the game and editor using the core and content.


This setup of projects is interesting to remember as it’s common to a lot of game projects (tough instead of the editor there might be another secondary tool for the game).

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